Have you been fired under unfair circumstances?

On behalf of Sullivan Law Group APC posted in wrongful termination on Wednesday, April 18, 2018.

As a worker in San Diego, you have a right to protect yourself from retaliatory actions at the workplace. Unfortunately, these actions can be difficult to predict, and in some cases it can even be difficult to prove that they’re the root cause of your termination.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission states that retaliation is the most frequently alleged source of workplace discrimination. Employer retaliation can cover a huge range of potential scenarios and issues that you may run into. For example, an employer may retaliate against you if you:

  • Blew the whistle on illegal practices in the workplace
  • Refused to follow discriminatory orders
  • Talked to managers or supervisors about harassment or discrimination
  • Requested accommodations for religious reasons or disabilities
  • Intervened or resisted against sexual advances
  • Reported or answered questions about alleged sexual harassment

All of these are actions that an employer legally cannot retaliate against you for. That doesn’t mean retaliation never happens, though.

In some cases, it can be difficult to tell if your actions are the cause of your termination. Sometimes, figures of authority will go out of their way to make it seem as though unrelated circumstances have led to your loss of position. However, there are usually signs that indicate foul play is at hand.

If you suspect that recent workplace situations are the result of retaliatory action, then you may want to speak to a legal professional. If they determine that retaliation has taken place and cost you your job, they can help you fight for compensation.