Discriminated against over age

On behalf of Sullivan Law Group APC posted in workplace discrimination on Saturday, December 8, 2018.

Employees experience many different types of discrimination while they are trying to perform their job duties, including discrimination based on their ethnicity, their gender and their religion. In this post, our law office will take a closer look at age discrimination and some of the different issues this raises for workers in San Diego and the rest of the state. Those who are discriminated against over their age may struggle with more than temporary financial problems, job loss and undesirable career changes. Being subjected to age discrimination can be mentally draining and emotionally overwhelming, prompting some workers to feel like giving up.

While age discrimination can be incredibly hard, and it is understandable why some people feel hopeless after going through these challenging experiences, people who have been subjected to age discrimination should not give up. There may be a number of legal options on the table to help someone who is in this position and going to court may be one way to recover, at least to a certain extent. Our law firm believes that workers who have had to deal with age discrimination deserve justice.

Those discriminated against because of their age may be fired, or they may have a perfectly fine application rejected even though they were more qualified than anyone else who applied. If you have experienced age discrimination, or think you might have but are not certain, it is important to review the details of the incident(s) carefully. Our website covers other topics related to age discrimination.