County sued by woman fired from local animal shelter

On behalf of Sullivan Law Group APC posted in wrongful termination on Saturday, March 10, 2018.

Those working in San Diego typically want to give their companies the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their practices. Yet if one witnesses something that may be unethical (or potentially illegal), he or she does have a duty to report (he or she could face consequences as well by failing to do so). Many in such cases may be hesitant to speak up, however, because they fear that by doing so they could bee endangering their jobs. Yet the law offers protection for employees from retaliatory actions by their employers in whistleblower cases. If one is fired for reporting offenses committed by his or her employer, he or she could have a case for wrongful termination

Such is the claim being made by a Georgia woman after she was fired from her position of being an animal rescue coordinator. She reported members of her department for euthanizing rescued animals that did not need to be killed. In a lawsuit filed against the local county, she claims that after doing so, she was repeatedly given field assignments that took her away from the office while the unnecessary euthanizations continued. She also claims that before being fired, she was told not to question the decisions of her supervisors. 

Country officials have countered by saying that the woman’s dismissal was legitimate. They point to inconsistent statements she made about her actions as examples of her giving misleading information. They also claim she never offered proof that her supervisors told her not to second guess their methods. The fact that companies may fight claims of wrongful termination in this way should not be surprising. Those wishing to pursue such action may be wise to enlist an attorney to help fight alongside them. 

Source: “Former Gwinnett animal shelter employee sues count for alleged wrongful termination” Hughes, Isabel, Mar. 08, 2018