Barnes & Noble target of wrongful termination lawsuit

On behalf of Sullivan Law Group APC posted in wrongful termination on Friday, September 7, 2018.

Working professionals in San Diego may all covet the same thing: job security. The common assumption amongst many is that almost all employees reach the point of not having to worry about being dismissed from their jobs. Yet given how often news breaks about high-ranking business officials being fired from their jobs, the idea of job security might ultimately prove to be an illusion. If managers and executives can be fired, then potentially anyone can. 

Of course, companies may not be in the practice of dismissing members of their leadership teams for no reason whatsoever. Typically, such professionals may need to be accused of serious infractions in order to warrant being fired. Such are the allegations being made by the leadership of the book retailer Barnes & Noble against its former CEO, who was fired after serving in his position for just over one year. While the company initially said that the man was fired for a violation of company policies, it was later alleged that he had been accused of (among other things) bullying and sexual harassment. 

Of course, these allegations have come in response to the former CEO filing a wrongful termination lawsuit seeking to recover the severance pay he was denied as well as damages to his reputation. He claims that his dismissal was due to conflicts with company’s executive chairman, with whom he (and previous company executives) have clashed. 

If a company is to deny one severance or other promised termination benefits, they may need to have cause for dismissing him or her. Thus, it may have incentive to try and discredit one has been fired to avoid paying him or her. Those who have become the targets of such actions from their former employers may want to work with an attorney to combat them.